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Dynamic Vsync control and global settings on startup

08-16-2013, 05:56 PM
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Dynamic Vsync control and global settings on startup
Maybe I am the only person out there that has these problems. As I see no other thread on the internet which discusses this. Dont take this post in the wrong way I really adore this product and think its a great tool for die-hard game-tweakers.

Anyway when I select dynamic vsync in a profile triple buffering gets forced on and the checkbox becomes grey and unclickable. Which is weird since when you only edit the global profile you have the option to either turn it on or off although this also defaults to on. I have not done any testing on this but if it is indeed the case that triple buffering is still on. If it were on it makes the whole purpose of dynamic vsync worthless. With normal vsync+triplebuffering you wouldnt get tearing at the cost of a larger videomemory footprint and an extra frame of lag. Now with this you get tearing and the above disadvantages of triple buffering.

As for the other problem when you boot up your pc for the first time global settings do not apply with any game. Unless you edit something in radeonpro and then try an application. (Yes I have checked the start with windows and api monitoring etc).

Actually I came across a lot more nitpicky things like the texture filtering quality option which is essentialy catalyst AI looking at the description. And overdrive not working on a global level(yes i know MSI afterburner exists its just less troublesome to have just 1 program for everything I actually only use one setting in there(always use highest performance clocks) to kill the throttling of the card while playing games)

These problems occured on a 5870(latest drivers) and windows7 64 bit in both the 32bit and 32/64bit mode of radeonpro.

Thank you for this great product once again hope it evolves into something even more awesome.
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