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Barebones version for Nvidia users?

08-05-2013, 12:21 PM
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Barebones version for Nvidia users?
Hi John.

So, I have two systems at the moment, one is AMD and one is Nvidia. The AMD system has been using RadeonPro for a good while now, I mainly just use it for some smaa (sometimes SweetFX) and some of the advanced D3D tweaks like triple buffering.

Since D3Doverrider is getting old and seems to only work half the time these days, conflicts with various other software like Logitechs setpoint, and it doesn't seem to work with SMAA injectors and such, I ended up trying RP on the Nvidia system as well.

To my happiness, the DirectX tweaks and post process stuff seem to work on the Nvidia system as well, on profile level at least. Same with overlays, screenshots and recording. Not 100% sure about triple buffering, something strange seems to be going on there, but anyways, Most (if not all) the non-AMD specific features seem to just work. Which is probably not a surprise considering that they are DX tweaks and such, but I digress.

So, I realize that this is probably not something that you would consider high priority or anything, but I was just wondering if in the future you might consider a more barebones Nvidia version? Something to replace the aging D3Doverrider for the vsync+triplebuffer combo (and other DirectX tweaks), while also allowing for the post process stuff.

Thanks for your time and thanks for all the hard work you've put into this, it's just a wonderful piece of software. Smile
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Barebones version for Nvidia users? - Duder82 - 08-05-2013 12:21 PM

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