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Skyrim SKSE + RadeonPro - whitelion1284 - 01-08-2015 04:55 AM

Hey all,

I've got a conundrum. I was using SKSE + ENB + RadeonPro and all was groovy. Then something changed. Now I can use SKSE and ENB but when I try to use RadeonPro SKSE won't start in game. Which is irritating cos flipping the que and setting it to 1 frame makes a pretty noticeable impact on mouse behavior in-game. So I'm hoping to find out what I did that stopped all three from working together.


Solved - It was the Crossfire profile. I never did get Crossfire working without incessant sky-flicker, so I switched back to a single gpu but left the FEAR profile in place, which was apparently what was causing the headache. I re-enabled crossfire, changed the profile back to blank and now all is good.