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Ambient Occlusion Override List

03-02-2013, 10:18 PM (This post was last modified: 05-26-2013 03:45 AM by Aether.)
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Information Ambient Occlusion Override List
This is where I will add all known working Ambient Occlusion game profiles. I will list the API, Z-Buffer Index, any needed bit flags, and the parameters. I will update this as often as I can. Please send me updates so that I can keep this as up to date as possible. If you do have info send me a PM preferably as to avoid unnecessarily bloating this thread. Now before you go and tell me a profile is broken please tweak farZ to confirm that the effect is not so subtle as to avoid detection. Ambient Occlusion is supposed to be subtle but it does need a presence.

*Updated to improve readability

Red Text indicates a broken profile.
Green text indicates a known working profile.
Orange text indicates a work in progress.
Cyan text indicates an unknown.
  • Name= 2K Sports NBA 2K11 Exe= nba2k11.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000
  • Name= 2K Sports NBA 2K13 Exe= nba2k13.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x05020000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:6000
  • Name= Alan Wake Exe= alanwake.exe Flags= d3d9:2:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:800,farZ:2000
  • Name= Aliens vs Predator Exe= AvP.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:2000
  • Name= Aliens vs Predator DX11 Exe= AvP_DX11.exe Flags= d3d11:1:0x00000000 Params= farZ:2000
  • Name= Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Exe= ACBSP.exe Flags= d3d9:3:0x00000001 Params= nearZ:100,farZ:5000
  • Name= Batman Arkham Asylum Exe= ShippingPC-BmGame.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00002000 Params= firstI:3,lastI:4
  • Name= Batman Arkham City Exe= BatmanAC.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000040|d3d11:1:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:2000,farZ:1000 *
  • Name= Bioshock Exe= bioshock.exe Flags= d3d9:7:0x000000D0|d3d10:0:0x41 Params= nearZ:800,farZ:2000
  • Name= BioShock 2 Exe= Bioshock2.exe Flags= d3d9:7:0x000000D0|d3d10:0:0x00000040 Params= nearZ:1000,farZ:2000
  • Name= Blades of Time Exe= bladesoftime.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000200 Params= nearZ:1000,farZ:3000
  • Name= BLUR Exe= Blur.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 Params=
  • Name= Brothers in Arms - Highway to Hell Exe= biahh.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00006000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:10000,firstI:1,lastI:2
  • Name= Bulletstorm Exe= ShippingPC-StormGame.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00006000 Params= nearZ:800,farZ:6000
  • Name= Call of Duty 2 Exe= CoD2SP_s.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000
  • Name= Call of Duty BlackOps Exe= blackops.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 Params=
  • Name= Colin McRae DiRT Exe= DiRT.exe Flags= d3d9:2:0x00000020 Params=
  • Name= Darksiders Exe= darksiderspc.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000
  • Name= Darksiders II Exe= Darksiders2.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000
  • Name= Dead Space Exe= dead space.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000
  • Name= Dead Space 2 Exe= deadspace2.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000
  • Name= Devil May Cry 4 (DX9) Exe= DevilMayCry4_DX9.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000200 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000
  • Name= DiRT 2 Exe= dirt2_game.exe Flags= d3d9:3:0x00000000|d3d11:0:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000
  • Name= Dishonored Exe= Dishonored.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000044 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:3500
  • Name= Dragon Age II Exe= DragonAge2.exe Flags= d3d11:0:0x0 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:1000
  • Name= Dragon Age: Origins Exe= DAOrigins.exe Flags= d3d9:3:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:1000 NEW!
  • Name= F.E.A.R. Exe= fear.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 Params=
  • Name= F.E.A.R. 3 Exe= F.E.A.R. 3.exe Flags= d3d11:0:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:4000
  • Name= F1 2012 Exe= f1_2012.exe Flags= d3d11:0:0x00000041 Params= nearZ:300,farZ:1000
  • Name= FalloutNV Exe= FalloutNV.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x000080D1 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000,firstI:0,lastI:1
  • Name= Far Cry Exe= farcry.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000001 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:3000
  • Name= Far Cry 2 Exe= farcry2.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00008041 Params= nearZ:300,farZ:1000
  • Name= Fifa 2012 Exe= fifa.exe Flags= d3d9:2:0x00000000 Params=
  • Name= Fifa 2013 Exe= fifa13.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000000 Params=
  • Name= Gears Of War Exe= WarGame-G4WLive.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00008041 Params= nearZ= 1,farZ= 10000
  • Name= Grand Theft Auto IV Exe= GTAIV.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 Params=
  • Name= Ice Age 4 Exe= IceAge4.exe Flags= d3d9:2:0x00000000 Params= farZ:500
  • Name= James Bond 007 - Blood Stone Exe= bond.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:10000
  • Name= Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Exe= Reckoning.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 params= NEW!
  • Name= Mass Effect™ 3 Exe= MassEffect3.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x01364080 Params= nearZ:300,farZ:2000,firstI:1,lastI:2 Updated*
  • Name= Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Exe= NFS11.exe Flags= d3d9:3:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000
  • Name= Need for Speed Most Wanted Exe= NFS13.exe Flags= d3d11:0:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1.0,farZ:2000
  • Name= NiGHTS Into Dreams Exe= Nights.exe Flags="d3d9:0:0x00000000" Params= NEW!
  • Name= Of Orcs and Men Exe= OfOrcsAndMen_Steam.exe Flags= d3d9:5:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:100,farZ:2000
  • Name= Orcs Must Die! Exe= OrcsMustDie.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x02268001 Params= nearZ= 10,farZ= 2000
  • Name= Orcs Must Die 2 Exe= OrcsMustDie2.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:10,farZ:2000
  • Name= Racedriver GRID Exe= GRID.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x000000E0 Params=
  • Name= rFactor Exe= rFactor.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 Params=
  • Name= S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Exe= XR_3DA.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 Params=
  • Name= Sonic Adventure 2 Exe= sonic2app.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000000 Params=
  • Name= Sonic Generations Exe= SonicGenerations.exe Flags= d3d9:2:0x00000000 Params=
  • Name= Spellforce 2 Exe= spellforce2.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000001 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:3000
  • Name= Street Fighter IV Exe= StreetFighterIV.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000001 Params= farZ:5000
  • Name= Street Fighter X Tekken Exe= SFTK.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00000000 Params= farZ:5000
  • Name= Strike Suit Zero Exe= SSZ.exe Flags= d3d11:1:0x00000000 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:2000,firstI:2,lastI:3 NEW!
  • Name= SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV ARCADE EDITION Exe= SSFIV.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000000 Params=
  • Name= The Amazing Spider-Man ™ Exe= Game.exe Flags= d3d9:3:0x00000088 Params= nearZ:300,farZ:10000
  • Name= The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Exe= TESV.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x04344085 Params= nearZ:300,farZ:5000,firstI:1,lastI:2
  • Name= Tomb Raider Anniversary Exe= tra.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000080 Params=
  • Name= Tomb Raider Underworld Exe= tru.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x00028040 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000
  • Name= Torchlight II Exe= torchlight2.exe Flags= d3d9:0:0x08020001 Params= nearZ= 1,farZ= 5000,skip= 2
  • Name= Trine Exe= Trine.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00000004 Params= nearZ:1,farZ:5000
  • Name= UDK Test (64-bit) Exe= UDK.exe Flags= d3d9:1:0x00001000 Params= farZ:400

* DirectX 9 Profile Broken
* farZ changed from 5000 to 2000, I honestly thought this profile was broken until I reduced its farZ value.
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03-05-2013, 04:37 PM
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RE: Ambient Occlusion Override List
Wow, the Ambient Occlusion list was that big? Big Grin

The unknown entries are the games you haven't tested yet, right?

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03-05-2013, 10:43 PM
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RE: Ambient Occlusion Override List
Yea, I either do not have or haven't tested the unknown entries. Someone else will have to test a good portion of these. I don't own any of the racing, or sports games for example.
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04-01-2013, 11:14 PM
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RE: Ambient Occlusion Override List
Is it possible to change some of the colours in the original post, the purple is impossible to read against the dark background.
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04-12-2013, 04:38 PM
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RE: Ambient Occlusion Override List
Hi, thanks for your efforts. Your work is highly appreciated.

I was wondering if there are any news on Bioshock's profile? Is there any way to enable AO?

Never got around finishing the first and second ones and (after Infinite) I'd love to play through them with AO, they would look so much better Tongue
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12-29-2014, 10:18 PM
Post: #6
RE: Ambient Occlusion Override List
The AO for Kingdoms of Amalur doesn't works.
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