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Help making Skyrim Profile

06-28-2013, 12:48 AM (This post was last modified: 06-28-2013 07:06 AM by Bundy714.)
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Help making Skyrim Profile
Could anyone please share their Skyrim RadeonPro settings with me? I've searched the net and find very little info on this, and the info I do find contradicts each other. So I have no idea if I have my settings are optimally configured or not.

I'm running Windows 7/64 on an Intel I5 3570K processor, with a Gigabyte AMD 7950 (3gb) video card.

I don't know if the in game AA works best, or should I turn it off in game and use RadeonPro to do it? The whole Use Application Settings, Override Application Settings and Enhance Application Settings has me stumped. From what I read, it all depends on the particular game you are setting up as to which is best to use. But I find no consensus on Skyrim. All I read says enabling AA in the driver works in some games and doesn't in others, but no where can I find which way works best in Skyrim. It's really frustrating, you'd think a game as popular as Skyrim would have something, anything, definitive written about it, but no. It's like a well kept secret or something.

Maybe it will help if I list what I have set currently, that way you can just tell me where I've gone wrong.

Following a guide from someone that is supposed to know what they are talking about, I've turned off AA and Anisotropic Filtering in Skyrim because he claimed it would be best to do those in my driver. Of course then he seems to contradict himself by recommending a SkyrimPrefs.ini setting of iMaxAnisotropy=16. Isn't that just turning back on what he previously had me turn off? Things like that make me want to pull my hair out, first he says turn Anisotropic Filtering off, then says to make an INI tweak that sets it to 16???? So, I've left it set to 1, which is what Skyrim set it to when I turned it off in the launcher.

Now we get to the RadeonPro settings. If I don't list them, then they are left blank in my profile.

SMAA - Ultra
AA Filter: Multisampling
AA mode: multi-sample
Anisotropic Filtering: 16X
Tessellation Control: AMD Optimized
Vertical Sync: Always On.

(Advanced) Texture Filtering Quality: High Quality
Mipmap Quality : High Quality
Texture LOD : -1.5
Flip Queue Size : Driver Default
(Do I want to Enable Surface Format Optimization, or not?)

(Tweaks) VSync Control : Always ON
Triple-Buffering : Check
Use advanced D3D9 Force Triple-Buffering : Check
Dynamic Frame Control : Check : 58
Display Refresh Rate : 60

(Misc Tweaks) Disable Aero: checked/disabled
CPU Affinity: all 4 checked
Force Process High Priority: checked

(SweetFX) Enable SweetFX: Checked

I'd really be grateful if someone could tell me if I should change something, or have something wrong, or could improve Skyrim by setting things differently. Any help or comments would be appreciated. I'm almost wishing I had bought a Nvidia card instead, they have a definitive guide to what settings work best in Skyrim with their cards, while us AMD people are just left to experiment on our own. Can you tell I'm frustrated yet? I'm especially frustrated with AMD as I've spent $300 on one of their cards and they can't bother to have one of their employees write up a quick optimal settings guide like they do at Nvidia.

Anyway, thanks for any help or advice you can give me.
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