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Full Version: Stripped version for Nvidia users? NvidiaPro? (Mainly for SweetFX & video recording)
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I have a friend who has an Nvidia card and the SweetFX Configurer is okay.

What's built in to RadeonPro is way better. Smile

Ever consider a stripped down NvidiaPro that has a few new features mainly the SweetFX stuff since Nvidia already has most of this stuff and it's us AMD users who have had the short end of the stick. Until this tool that is. Wink

Maybe add in the screenshot and video recording with Intel QuickSync support too. As well as OSD stuff.

That way you wouldn't have to worry about programing any Nvidia specific stuff since you own an AMD card.

Just those basics to help Nvidia users enhance games too.

Just tossin an idea....

Keep up the epic work! Big Grin
Yeah, this may sound a bit harsh but that has been already asked a dozen times I guess. Short answer is that's not gonna happen, even if I resume RP development in future.
Ah. Well thanks for taking the time to respond even though this has been asked a few or dozen times I appreciate it.

Please though. Please resume development of RadeonPro and or get a dev team if you need too. Wink

Thanks for all your hard work!
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