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Full Version: Dynamic Vsync issue
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Hello, i have an odd issue with dynamic vsync since updated from 13.x to 14.2 beta 1.3.

Using dynamic vsync, when it both switches on or off due to 60+ fps or 60- fps respectively (in short when the vsync light switches from green to red or red to green in the radeonpro OSD) i have a HORRIBLE flickering all over the screen, which makes the game unplayable. I can make a video if needed.

It's a new issue because it always worked fine with 13.x driver series. I tried with Splinter cell Blacklist, Overlord, Battlefield 4 and other games, so it's not a game issue. Closing radeon pro or using "Always On" Vsync solves the issue.
I have tried to disable both uplay/origin/steam overlay, without success.
I even ran a radeon pro profile with all default settings but dynamic vsync on.

My specs are:

i5 3570k
7950 OC (using the default frequencies doesn't solve the issue)
8 gb ram.
Corsair TX650
Windows 7 64 bit

I hope this report will be useful.

EDIT: It seems that another user has the same problem (off centered frame rendered and other stuffs) while using dynamic vsync. However he has a crossfire config, dunno if it can be linked in any way.
This is the link: http://forum.radeonpro.info/bug-reports/...ood-dragon
Reproduced with an HD 7970. Will try later with R9 290X but it seems to be an issue only with 7000 series cards and Catalyst 14.2 beta
As I thought, the flicker doesn't happen with a R9 290X card.

Let's hope next Catalyst beta or WHQL make DVC work again.
BTW, are you using Windows 7 or 8/8.1?
(02-28-2014 01:00 PM)John Wrote: [ -> ]BTW, are you using Windows 7 or 8/8.1?

Hello John, thank you for investigating!

I'm using windows 7 64 bit.
(02-28-2014 02:52 PM)world88 Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-28-2014 01:00 PM)John Wrote: [ -> ]BTW, are you using Windows 7 or 8/8.1?

Hello John, thank you for investigating!

I'm using windows 7 64 bit.

You're welcome and thanks for reporting it.

So the bug affects both Windows 7 and 8/8.1, must be something in Catalyst 14.2 beta.
I am also having this issue. The EXACT same issue. I also have a 7970 card Smile. Pretty sure it is driver related. Thank god I wasn't the only one. This seems to happen to all my games by the way; as soon as i go below 60 fps, black flickering appears.
I have a problem with battlefield 4 and RadeonPro .... I do not work osd information and tried battlefield 4 version 32 and 64 bit and I have also tried both mantle that dx11 ... I have windows 8.1 and 14.3 catalyst driver.osd but in other games it works in battlefield 4 no ... I also enabled 64-bit support in RadeonPro. Sad

Catalyst 14.3 Beta didn't solve the issue.
Just wanted to report that issue is still present on 14.4
Unless you need updated driver for new games, probably best to stick with 13.X for now if you want to use Dynamic V-sync
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