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Full Version: Positive Texture LOD Issue
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When applying positive texture LOD to a game, it sometimes 'blurs' out fonts and interface. Examples are the Call of Duty franchise, Path of Exile, etc. Other games get a blurred out scene, but the font and interface doesn't undergo any changes, like I think it was meant to be. This is the case in World of Warcraft, Star Wars - The Old Republic, Minecraft (and most other games I believe).

I was wondering if you could somehow make it possible the interface and fonts will always remain unaffected, while only the 3D scene undergoes the effect? That would make these games a lot more fun for me, hehe.

No, it's not controllable that way, if some resources depend on texture LOD they will also get the value you set for LOD. That's why you noticed some games don't get affected while others do.
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