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Full Version: Flip Queue Size 0? Does it work?
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I've heard setting it to 0 resets the Queue Size back to 3. Is this true? Is it possible to increase the Size to 8 (This is supported on DirectX).

Thank you.
I don't know, you must ask AMD regarding those values.
OK, I will give them an email. Cheers.
I got in touch with AMD and they refuse to answer me because changing the queue size is not supported officially by AMD, so I guess the question comes back to you lol.
If AMD can't answer you why should I be able to? :O
(07-28-2013 11:13 AM)John Wrote: [ -> ]If AMD can't answer you why should I be able to? :O

Because you've put flip queue size options in your program. And I've asked a question about that feature and you say you can't answer me? I just thought you'd be the best person to ask seen as it's your program.
I did not invent such setting, it is one of several hidden functions in Catalyst driver exposed by registry entries which might have some effect or not depending on several factors. In the past FQS was controllable as the driver utilized that registry entry, but not anymore by decision of those developing the drivers, not me Sad
Did you happen to notice if 5 was the max value hidden within CCC?
Additionally, do you have any plans to make DFC more accurate? I understand fps limiters are slightly inaccurate at times by nature.
Thank you.
If I remember correctly, ATi Tray Tools also used a max of 5 frames for FlipQueueSize, that's why RP uses that limit. Besides that, a higher value won't have any benefits as input lag increases with values higher than 1. Out of curiosity, where did you find that limit of 8 frames rendered ahead supported by Direct3D?

About frame rate control, I'm afraid it's already accurate for user mode code, more control might be possible using a kernel driver, though I'm just guessing on that - I would need to write such kernel driver and make tests to see how far it could help. Unfortunately I can't do that.
Maybe that will help and explain why you can only go so high and what it does . Smile .

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