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Full Version: Fraps compatibility?
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Is RadeonPro supposed to work with Fraps? I'm having issues, but this seems to imply it should work:

(03-05-2013 04:35 PM)John Wrote: [ -> ]You might try an updated version of FRAPS if you're not using the newest one, I had no issues running FRAPS with RP.

Specifically, I'm trying to use Fraps for video capture along with RadeonPro for dynamic vsync and other tweaks, but running Fraps seems to cause RadeonPro to just turn itself off and stop applying tweaks. I don't even have any overlays/OSDs/FPS counters enabled.

I know RadeonPro has built in video capture, but it seems to perform significantly worse than Fraps. For example, I can maintain 60fps in Battlefield 3 with Fraps recording, but that drops down to 40-45fps with noticeable stuttering when using RadeonPro's video capture.
FRAPS stopped working with RP since a few updates in the latter.

Check your movie recording settings in RP to match those you're using in FRAPS, mainly the output disk and record resolution.
I'm afraid I already set up the recording settings identically so there's nothing to check/change Sad

However, I just turned off all RadeonPro tweaks for the sake of a true comparison and then configured both Fraps and RadeonPro to record at 60fps, full resolution, saving to a dedicated hard disk with decent write performance. I also tried reducing the recording framerate to 30fps. I got the following results:

60fps Recording Rate, 1920x1200
Fraps: 60fps in-game
RadeonPro: 40-45fps in-game

30fps Recording Rate, 1920x1200
Fraps: 60 or 90fps in-game
RadeonPro: Locked at 30fps in-game
Not sure why you're seeing that much performance hit, out of curiosity I tried both programs and got similar drop in framerate, with a tiny (~3%) advantage to FRAPS.

When you set RP to record at 30 FPS, it will try to lock the framerate until you stop the recording.

RP is more CPU intensive than FRAPS while recording the gameplay (due to real time Motion JPEG encoding) and that might be causing the huge drop in framerate in your case (if your CPU is not overclocked)
Hmm, well I've got a 3570K overclocked to 4.4GHz but perhaps Battlefield 3 is CPU intensive enough that it is just a CPU issue?

I'll test with some other games and see if I get the same problem.
A 3570K overclocked to 4.4 Ghz should be ok, I have a 2600K running at 4.5 Ghz. However I tested in single player and multi player may be more CPU intensive.
Ok, so I did a bit more testing with other games, again with all RadeonPro tweaks disabled, and recording at 60fps:

The Darkness 2
Fraps: 60fps in-game, CPU usage 70-80%.
RadeonPro: 50-55fps in-game, CPU usage 99%.

Orcs Must Die 2
Fraps: 60fps in-game, CPU usage 30-50%.
RadeonPro: 60fps in-game, CPU usage 70-80%.

Seems like my system really doesn't like the Motion JPEG encoder if you're only seeing a 3% difference in your testing. Can't think why though; I did a fresh install of Windows about a month ago, my drivers are up to date and I've barely installed anything other than a few games.
Thanks. Movie recording quality is set at which level?

Enviado do meu XT890
That was all done at 100% quality.

Edit: I just tried recording in Battlefield 3 at 80% quality and gained about 5fps in-game, which surprises me. I'd have thought higher compression would be more CPU intensive. That's still only 45-50fps though.
Can you try setting processing threads to 4 or 3 and see if the performance hit is alleviated?
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