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Full Version: Global settings change for all games
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Hey all, just started using RadeonPro and loving it.

I have a Matrix 7970 and have to use GPUTweak if I want to overclock but they have no OSD so having the GPU details overlay was fantastic, if a bit confusing to set up at first!

However my more paranoid side comes in, I set this in the global settings and as soon as I did it filled the config area with all sorts of applied settings. I haven't changed anything other than setting the Overlay up but just want to know that there isn't anything RadeonPro "applies" by default to the GPU yeah? Just worried something flicks on and drops the image quality and stuff.

Again just me being paranoid for all the tweaking it can do, but really loving it!
When you start RadeonPro for the first time, it will read current Catalyst settings and put them in the so called Global profile. It's not supposed to cause performance drops or visual glitches unless you change something there. For instance, some games are very pick about AA options you set in Catalyst (or RadeonPro) and might underperform, show glitches or even crash.
Cool thanks.

Yeah haven't changed anything in RadeonPro settings wise. I leave AA/etc.. on use application settings.
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