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New Discussion Forum

02-14-2013, 01:33 AM
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New Discussion Forum
A month ago the RadeonPro Community made its debut, since then lots of questions have been asked and answered, solving (hopefully) most of issues found by RadeonPro users.

The Community is a great place to trade tips and tricks about RadeonPro, though there's a lot of stuff that don't fit well into the Q&A system used there. To fill that gap I am starting this forum today.

Let the discussions begin!

RadeonPro Users Guide - RadeonPro Features
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07-25-2013, 08:57 AM
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RE: New Discussion Forum
Crysis 3 had SMAA but limited it in crossfire(2xHD7970) DodgyI was able to add more SMAA and even FXAA thanks to radeonpro.
All monitors have a different color balance so radeon pro and sweatfx makes the picture just right, some may even say perfect.

:huh:FXAA and SMAA at the same time really helps out the older games.
Add sweatfx and now dull games become vibrant.

If Bioshock infinite's bloom is overpowering you can lower it with sweatfx.

Radeonpro can be exactly what you need to enhance gaming.
One thing that should be added is live editing. Launching a game, seeing results of your profile, quitting and adjusting settings, than relaunching the game can be a daunting.
as always keep up the good work
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